Join Our Team

We don’t give jobs. We give great therapists the opportunity to express their passion.

We are looking for BCBAs and BCaBAs (and those about to be) with academic and practical experience developing, implementing and monitoring behavior plans. But experience and accomplishments are not enough! We are also looking for therapists who are energized to their core by the thrill of improving the lives of others, being part of a cohesive team, and the challenge of meeting a child’s unique needs. We are looking for those who don’t view ABA as a job or a career- but as a calling.

We know that we can only have South Florida’s best therapists if we are the best place for South Florida’s therapists to work. As a result, we do things a little differently than our competitors, perhaps.

We don’t ask you to sign a non-compete to force you to stay with us. Our therapists stay with us because they share our commitment, and enjoy working in an environment where they are appreciated. PBS gives its therapists freedom to choose how and when they want to work, and South Florida’s best total compensation packages for therapists.

PBS only hires the best. If you think you may belong on our team, please contact us.