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We see your child through your eyes. Just like you, we see the potential, and we know that it is limitless.

Have you ever asked a child what love is? You will be surprised at what you hear. One of our kids told us that “love is knowing everything is going to be OK.” Other children may express the same thought with a smile or a touch. We know your love is the most important and powerful force in your child’s life. With it, you and your child can accomplish anything.

But sometimes, when you have a child in the autism spectrum or with other special needs, love is not enough. We join your journey by supporting your family with scientifically tested methods of Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA. ABA therapy is the only treatment established by science for autism, and we have been the premier provider of ABA Therapy in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach for over a decade.

Our dynamic behavior therapists are focused on one thing: meeting the needs of your family by working together.

Meeting your family’s needs by working together with you means we do things a little differently. That’s ok with us.

We don’t ask you to come to us. We perform ABA therapy wherever the problem behaviors occur, whether it’s your child’s classroom or your living room. We know your child needs to be independent, so we offer ABA social skills groups in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach where your child can learn to play with other children.  Most importantly, we know you want to be empowered, so we invite your deep involvement in our ABA behavior therapy. We give you parent training and real-time, extensive access to scientifically collected data on your child’s progress. And we take insurance from Aetna, Avmed, Beacon, Blue Cross, Cigna, Compsych, Carerisk, Gardiner Scholarship, Magellan, United and Valued Options. Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicaid.

You don’t have to do it alone. No parent with a child in the autism spectrum or with special needs should do it alone. Together, we are a powerful team. With our team’s scientific knowledge about ABA therapy, and the unbridled power of your love, we can redefine impossible.

Small enough to care, big enough to meet your needs.

We see your child through your eyes.

Who We Are

PBS is small enough to care, but big enough to meet your needs

We are not a multi-state corporation which will treat your family like a number, but rather an ABA therapy company that attends to the individual needs of each family here in the communities of South Florida, providing ABA Therapy in Miami.

Diverse Miami ABA Therapy Company

Like Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, our team of over 140 therapists is diverse and we come from all walks of life. We probably look a lot like your South Florida community. We are parents. We are academics. Some of us have worked for a generation with special needs children. Some of our other therapists are special needs parents themselves (and their vote of confidence in our company means more to us than anything).

We perform ABA therapy throughout South Florida and are fluent in Spanish, Russian, French, Creole, Swedish, Portuguese, and English.

But we have something in common, and we feel it’s something very important. By treating our therapists like the consummate professionals they are, we have created a thriving and happy environment in which to work- and this has enabled us to choose Miami, Broward and Palm Beach’s most committed and accomplished ABA therapists.

We are driven by passion; we are meticulously detailed, and we are sensitive to meeting your family’s needs.

But that’s us as a group – why not get to know us individually?

Driven by passion, meticulously detailed,

and sensitive to meeting your family’s needs.

What Is ABA Therapy?

There’s nothing like a diagnosis of autism to turn your world upside down.

We wish we could provide you with a sheet with all the answers on it. But there is no “autism prescription.” There is no road map for each parent to go by, or common timetable all families will follow.

You are never prepared for a diagnosis of autism. The challenge of daily life with a special-needs child can fill a parent with fear and anger. And when the shock of the initial diagnosis clears, what is always left is the question, “What’s next?”

The answer to this question is often coordinating ABA therapy for your child. ABA is the only treatment for autism and other special needs whose benefits have been consistently validated by independent scientific research. The research has shown that many children diagnosed with autism can learn enough with ABA to return to mainstream classrooms if they receive high quality, intensive, evidence-based interventions early enough. ABA is the most effective science-based treatment for autism. So you will want to get started right away.

“Love is knowing everything is going to be OK.”

PBS International

Autism does not know borders. Children with special needs are everywhere. ABA therapy, unfortunately, is not. Luckily, Progressive Behavioral Science therapists travel all over the world.

We have presented at special-education and autism conferences in Guatemala, Brazil and Panama, and provided volunteer workshops to parents in Honduras. We have sponsored clinics in Brazil. We have traveled to clients’ homes all over Central and South America, and have provided long-distance support to others. We have organized intensive ABA programs for special needs families visiting Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties in South Florida, working around their schedules. For our international clients, we provide therapists who speak your language and tailor your child’s program to your own social and geographic needs.

Free ABA Therapy Training

Here in South Florida, PBS pursues a course of active social engagement. We routinely provide free training to groups of parents, educators and medical personnel– let us know if your group is interested! We particularly enjoy providing free training to low-income or non-English speaking groups, and even telephonically to groups where ABA is not available.

We have seen the delightful sparkle in the eyes of a child who has just learned a new skill or mastered a phrase.  We feel all the parents of the world should experience the power of ABA therapy, no matter where they live.

Exclusively located where we began years ago, in the communities of South Florida.

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Where love meets science, wonderful things can happen.

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