Ana was born in San Diego, California and raised in South Florida. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. Ana is an RBT as well and is currently working on obtaining her master’s degree in Special Education/Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of West Florida. She hopes to sit for BCBA board exam before 2022. Her admiration for the field came in her late teenage years. Ana’s younger sister was diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome, Autism and Bipolar Disorder at age 5. Even though Ana was aware of her sister’s disability, she was not as knowledgeable about it until later. Growing up, her family went through many troubles and she had to look after her sister. Ana devoted her time to helping her mother attend medical appointments and therapies for her sister. For this reason, she decided she wanted to know more about psychology and to understand and help others understand more about the mind and the different aspects of it. As she started to get more into her studies, she grew a big desire to learn more about child psychology but became passionate in ABA when taking a behavior science course in her first year of college. When she finally decided to start working in the field of ABA, Ana immediately found what she wanted to be doing in life. After 3 years of working as an RBT, her love for ABA, the children and their families involved has only grown. She is excited for the challenge of what is ahead.