Arianne is an RBT who has been working in the field of ABA since 2019. She worked in the school, community and home setting with children with a wide range of behavioral issues. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida International University in Psychology, and is currently going to be working on her BCaBA Certification from Florida Tech and later apply for the Master’s Program in Applied Behavior Analysis. She was a volunteer for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in the Psychiatric Department, were she helped and assisted children (ages 7 -18) with different types of psychological disorders. She also volunteered, during her studies at Florida International University, in the Center for Children and Families. As she volunteered in the Center for Children and Families at FIU she began to work with children under the autism spectrum. This made her slowly begin to fall more in love with the field of ABA. By seeing that she was able to provide help and support for the children and their families, her passion for her work increased drastically. She has always loved being able to provide her support and help to people that need it if it brings any form of improvement to their lives, this has made her become even more dedicated and passionate about her work. During her free time, Arianne loves to travel to different places around the world, enjoys spending time with her family, watching T.V. shows, doing yoga/meditation and listening to music. She hopes to one day be able to visit parts of Europe and continue to help people not just in her close circle, but to help all those around her.