This is Janyle Chen, She was born in Miami, Florida and now lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Ever since she was little all she wanted to do was become a teacher, the years went on and she worked on and off at different preschools, as teacher assistants, and even worked as an administrative assistant for franklin academy. But, none of that felt right… she always wanted to do more, and be more. And so, she decided to take a leap of faith, and worked so hard to get into this beautiful profession. Her love and passion for children is like no other, she’s always had a passion for children but never wanted to settle for just being a preschool teacher, she wanted to understand children, understand their minds, their habits, their behaviors, and most importantly what makes them, them! She is kind, patient, loving and always puts others needs before herself. When she’s not doing that, she loves to spend her free time with family, enjoying a good book, or even spending the day in Walt Disney’s magic kingdom!