Kristen has 5 years of ABA experience working as an RBT in home, community, and clinic settings. Her clients include working with children ages 4-10 years of age both on and off the spectrum who were verbal or nonverbal. Her strengths include working with children who display severe challenging behaviors. As part of her in-home and community settings experience, Kristen worked on implementing behavior change interventions, increase social skills training, parent training, and monitoring target behaviors. As part of her clinical experience, Kristen was involved in running FBAIs and analog FAs, creating support and treatment plans, providing direct ABA services to decrease significant challenging behaviors and replace with more socially appropriate behaviors while increasing academic skills, and parent training utilizing the RUBI Parent Training Manuel. Kristen recently earned her Masters of Science Degree in Counseling with a Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis at Nova Southeastern University. She enjoys family time and anything related to the ABA field. She lives by the motto, “It’s a beautiful day to change behavior.”