Marla received her B.A. in Psychology from San Francisco State University in Northern California and is currently enrolled in a M.S.Ed. Community and Social Change program at University of Miami. She has completed the ABA coursework through Florida Institute of Technology and is currently accruing supervised independent fieldwork hours at PBS towards BCBA certification. Marla has been working with children 1-15 years old diagnosed with developmental disabilities for the past 3 years in their homes, schools, office settings, and anywhere else they needed assistance using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to reduce maladaptive behaviors while teaching appropriate replacement behaviors through differential reinforcement, DTT, Natural Environment Teaching and many other ABA tools. She has also been witnessing the powerful effects ABA has on the lives of individuals with special needs.  She can speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. Marla is passionate about raising awareness that every individual living with disabilities has the right to appropriate services in an accommodating, inclusive society.