Frequently Asked Questions

What does Progressive Behavioral Science do?

Progressive offers solutions for autism employing Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”), an evidence based and empirically proven methodology to help individuals with autism lead better and more productive lives. Through the use of ABA and the principles of behavioral science, individuals with autism and other disabilities can gain the independence they deserve.

What can I expect from ABA services?

ABA works directly with your child and everyone who surrounds him/her, and you can expect a comprehensive scientific approach to your child’s behavior. Progressive’s ABA takes place where and when the behavior problems occur, including at school and in the home. You can expect a team-based approach that combines our passion for working with the special needs community with the power of evidence-based science.

Is ABA based on science?

Absolutely! In fact, ABA therapy has been proven to be the most effective treatment among individuals with autism and here at Progressive Behavioral Science we have a huge group of professionals properly trained to make treatment procedures as helpful as possible for our clients to have better lives.

How are parents and caregivers involved in services?

Parents and caregivers are extremely involved- in fact, their support and participation is a necessary condition of our services. But don’t worry, we offer parent training to teach you the skills you need to continue to progress with your child!

With whom will you work beyond family members?

We also work with teachers and any other person related to or working with the child as well.

Do Progressive therapists’ schedules and availabilities allow for daily sessions?

Yes. Some of our cases have more than one therapist in order to satisfy the clients’ needs.  Due to the popularity of our services, there may be a waiting list for very sought-after times in certain places (right after school, for example). More availability, and lower rates for private clients, is possible during less popular times, like the morning.

Is each program consistently supervised by a BCBA?

Yes. All of our cases have a BCBA that directly and indirectly supervises each program to ensure that the interventions being presented to the clients are truly helping them.

What are the qualifications of your ABA providers?

We have providers with different qualifications such as: BA, RBT, BCaBA and BCBA. We encourage you to read the biographies of all 140 of our providers on our website!

What type of assessments do you provide?

PBS uses the assessment process to determine your child’s current level of functioning across a variety of areas: language, social skills, motor skills, self-care skills, etc. We study your child’s personality, interests, and problem behaviors, via observation, parent interview, testing, or a combination of all of these methods.
For more information about this you can contact us at 305-807-1909 or [email protected].

Where are your providers located?

We have professional therapists in Miami Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County. Although we have made the decision to focus exclusively in South Florida to better serve its special needs families, we are committed to spreading the power of ABA internationally, and have provided services and workshops all over Latin America and Europe.

Will my insurance cover ABA treatment?

Our desire is to provide quality care for all families as best we can.  In this day and age of major healthcare changes in ABA coverage, we understand that every family has a unique situation with their insurance plans. Progressive is contracted with a number of providers to help you manage the cost of care. Please contact your primary insurance representative to determine if your specific health benefit plan offers ABA services. We are also happy to obtain that information for you- just provide us some basic information HERE.

We are always working on expanding our network. If you do not see your insurance listed go ahead and give us a call to discuss your provider and plan.  For insurance carriers we do not contract with, please give us a call and we may be able to set up a Single Case Agreement with your insurance.

If my insurance does not cover ABA, or if I do not have insurance, do you accept private clients?

Yes. Contact us for rates. We offer private clients discounted rates if they are interested in sessions during the school day.

What other programs besides in-home ABA does PBS provide?

Besides in-home ABA therapy, Progressive has been a pioneer in ABA here in South Florida by offering Parent Training, Social Skills Groups and our Piece by Piece Day Program.

How do I get started? 

We can walk you through that process step by step HERE.

I have more questions and would like to talk with someone on your clinical staff. Whom can I contact?
Please contact us at 305-807- 1909 or [email protected] for more information. We would love to get started!