In-Home ABA Therapy
In-home ABA therapy provider working with autistic child

In-Home ABA Therapy

A parent once described what we do as: “You come into our home, get down on the floor with our son, and redefine how everything works here.”

We like that description. From Palm Beach to Miami, each day, Progressive Behavioral Science partners with parents to redefine impossible. Any of our therapists will tell you they have the best job in the world. Why? Because they get to perform ABA therapy – whenever, wherever, and however it is best performed for your family.

To us, that means in your home, where problems occur and where solutions start. Or at your child’s school. Or Grandma’s house. Or the supermarket.

To us, that means using ABA’s scientifically proven techniques to help your child communicate effectively, play appropriately, excel academically, live independently, and obey authority. We use these same methods to lessen tantrums, aggression and disobedience, among other behaviors.

To us, that means setting clear goals and collecting specific data to make sure we are making progress.

To us, that means including you in every step of the process, by answering all your questions, soliciting your feedback, and giving you every tool in our arsenal.  With us, you get access to our portal, so you can monitor real-time progress continually and see the results for yourself.

Above all, to us, that means individualizing everything. We chose an assessment tool based on your child’s needs; we don’t use the same assessment tools for all cases.  We provide you with whatever number of hours we believe your child needs. We don’t believe in setting arbitrary minimums. “That’s the way it’s done” is just not in our vocabulary.

To us, that means assigning a therapist to you who is qualified and experienced to work with your child, as well as an intimately involved supervisor who will be consulting with you regularly.

If you want to find an applied behavior analysis provider, and not be involved, we are probably not the right choice. Because, to us, good ABA therapy means partnership. Where love meets science, wonderful things can happen.

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