“What matters not is how you weather the storm. What really counts if you can learn to love the rain.” Not a lot to love about COVID-19, that’s for sure. For the near future, it will change how we do things… but it will not change why we do things. For us at Progressive, that has and remains the most important thing: your love, our science, their independence. Thank you to all of our cherished families for working with us as we seek to deliver the best services to your children while protecting them and our therapists. And thanks to the most phenomenal team of ABA therapists around for their flexibility, patience while we figure things out, and- importantly- dedication.

Here is the current state of our services:



·        Our clinic-based services in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach are suspended until further notice as we seek to avoid larger groups.


·        In an exciting development, we have begun moving many of our services to a virtual format! We will be providing parent training and supervision via our virtual home therapy platform. In certain cases, direct therapy can be provided remotely, as well. If you have not yet spoken with your therapist or a Progressive team member about telehealth services, please call us at 305-850-1479 or write us.


·        As we have been classified an essential business by local authorities, our committed therapists are still providing home-based services for direct therapy.

·        While we will return to previous staffing once this challenge is behind us, we are rearranging our cases so that each client has only one RBT assigned to do home visits. We believe this is a good way to practice responsible social distancing, protecting both our clients and our therapists.

·        By now, our families should have received some great developments about insurance payors suspending copays during the course of the crisis. Write us to learn more!

·        Call us today at 305-850-1479 or write us if your child is authorized for ABA services and you are interested in modified in-home support.

There are some things you can do to help….

·        Please let other parents know that these services are now in many cases available virtually and covered by most insurance plans.

·        Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and tag us with fun pictures of your virtual sessions. This motivates our therapists and helps bring our community together!

·        Please continue to share ideas and your feedback with us. Write us now!

This is a great challenge facing us all of us, but you are prepared, and so are we. Why? Because we love special needs children, like you do, and they have taught us so much about patience, flexibility and love. They have gotten us ready for this moment! Together we will get through it!